Helpful Parents And Friends To Uni Students Could Soon Be Breaking The Law

The Federal Government has drafted legislation to crack down on contract cheaters in universities, but academics are concerned the broad language used in the draft could turn helpful friends and family into lawbreakers.

Cheating uni students beware – your contracted cheating assignment writer’s/exam sitter’s days appear to be numbered.

As Federal Education Minister, Dan Tehan outlined in a statement:

"A degree from an Australian university is valuable and the Morrison Government is protecting the investment we're making in higher education and protecting the value of our $35 billion international student sector by cracking down on cheats," he said.

"The bill will give TEQSA (the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) the power to seek Federal Court injunctions to require internet service providers to block access to domestic and international websites promoting cheating services."

Which means if you’re caught offering assignment writing or exam sitting services you could face up to two years in prison and a $210,000 fine. If you are a student caught using these services, you will be reprimanded by your university i.e. a stern talking to, likely followed up with a fail or expulsion depending on the depth of the breach.

Why cheat when you can be a good dog?

So whether it really solves the reason why people cheat or not, it’s certainly a deterrent.

However, academics have raised concern that the wording of the drafted legislation is too broad. Which means a helpful parent, friend or sibling who is doing a little proofreading for you is now potentially a guilty party.

Luckily the bill isn’t finalised and surely once Dan Tehan gets a family member to proofread it they’ll bring his attention to this glaring issue.