Instagrammers Now Photoshopping A Digital Only Fashion Range Onto Their Pics

Norwegian fashion brand, Carlings have launched an online fashion line – simply send in a pic and they’ll photoshop their latest digital range for a small fee.

Clothes; we all have to wear them or we get arrested. But what if you’re a fashionista on Instagram? Surely buying all those new clothes for fresh posts is both draining the bank, clogging the closet and draining on the environment?

Well get off the catwalk because Norwegian brand Carlings is stomping on in. It’s digital fashion dahrling, and it will change the way you post. Simply send in a photo for them to photoshop the selected item onto your bod and voila – you are now part of the fashion elite. Don’t believe it? Check out the hashtag #adDRESSTHEFUTURE  on Instagram and see the results (and sponsored posts) for yourself.

It’s an environmentally conscious and futuristic approach to Insta-fashion. Also, gamers have been buying skins for their characters for years and it’s not like it’s a fad that’s going to go away.

The range is priced at an affordable £9 to £30 so it’s both a digital game changer and money saver, provided you used to spend more than £30 on an outfit for Instagram on the regular.

And I for one refuse to not be a ‘thing’ by missing out on this golden sartorial opportunity. Check it out: