Employee Quits With A Condolences Card

Why quit with a boring resignation letter when you can kick yourself out with some pure drama?

In what is surely a huge breach of workplace privacy, a Twitter user has shared the following from their workplace:

Which is a fun new spin on the whole quitting thing. And it appears they’re not the only ones to quit in such a drama filled way, with other Twitter users chipping in!

Is this card the industry standard?

A slightly more professional angle on it.

If you can’t say it with a card, say it with a dinosaur.

Not a card but still unconventional. We’re not sure why they bothered writing ‘Best wishes’ at the bottom.

A cake resignation is the best result for everyone.

So next time you’re at the newsagent make sure you peruse the cards section, after all you might be able to grab the perfect way to approach HR with a pay rise request. “Happy birthday! To me? Please yes? $500,000 thanks. Regards, Me.”