'The Hunters Have Been Hunted': Brothers Reveal Terror During Freak Accident

Brothers Nathan and Quinton Peck made headlines last month when they were struck by a massive 100 kilogram fish.

The pair were travelling in a five-metre inflatable boat in the Solitary Islands Marine Park on the NSW North Coast when the animal jumped from the water into their vessel.

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"We got knocked to the floor of the boat and almost knocked out even when you came ‘round it was like what? What happened?! Because it was like getting hit by a freight train. It was. It was a heavy hit," Nathan told The Sunday Project in an exclusive interview.

"We're still processing it."

Brothers Attacked By Marlin
Quinton (left) and Nathan (right) Peck. Photo: The Project

Both brothers were left seriously injured when the marlin's bill stabbed them. Nathan said he lifted his arm to protect his face, inadvertently giving the animal access to his tricep.

"I just lifted my arm ... to protect my face and the bill of the marlin went through the back of my tricep and out my shoulder blade," Nathan said.

Quinton said the bottom jaw of the fish "clipped my arm on the way through and just ripped out the tendons and busted the bone on the way through".

The brothers, who are both spearfishers, also conceded it's ironic they were the ones stabbed by an animal.

"There's a huge amount of irony in it, I think that sort of you know where the jokes have come from to a certain degree it’s just that the hunters have been hunted. It’s that sort of mentality, you take it with a grain of salt," Nathan said.

Brothers Attacked By Marlin
Quinton was left seriously injured after being stabbed by the fish. Photo: The Project

The pair said they panicked soon after the attack, which happened in what seemed like a split second.

Dazed and short of breath, Nathan got up off the floor of the boat to see his brother in a pool of his own blood.

"I didn't know the extent of his injuries but I could see the break in his arm and he had blood coming out of there was blood spatter all over the over the floats and everything in the back of the boat," Nathan said.

"So he took a pretty, pretty hard hit and he wasn't breathing ...  I was looking at him and then he was still struggling really struggling. I'm thinking this is not good you know."

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