'One To The Marlin, Zero To Us': Brothers Stabbed By Fish Are Lucky To Be Alive

Brothers Nathan and Quinton Peck were travelling in an inflatable boat in the Solitary Islands Marine Park on the NSW North Coast when a 100 kilogram Marlin launched itself at them. 

Nathan, 48, and Quinton, 46, were both seriously injured when the animal's snout ripped into their bodies. Their mate Andy, who was also on the boat, escaped  uninjured.

The sharp, sword-like bill pierced Nathan's tricep and passed through his shoulder, while it ripped out the tendons and busted the bone in Quinton's right arm.

Nathan and Quinton Peck
Quinton was seriously injured during the ordeal. Photo: The Project. Photo: The Project

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Both brothers were knocked to the ground, but eventually Nathan managed to get to his feet.

"I could've sworn he wasn't gonna make it out of that," Nathan told The  Sunday Project in an exclusive interview.

"I didn't know the extent of his injuries but I could see the break in his arm and he had blood coming out of there was blood spatter all over the floats and everything in the back of the boat."

Brothers Attacked By Marlin
The brothers said they were lucky to get treatment so quickly. Photo: The Project

What followed was a painful journey back to solid ground for the brothers with Andy at the helm. Land was 20 kilometres away and because they had to change directions to travel across the swell, the journey took over 30 minutes.

"The facts are it was very painful. No question about that. I've not felt pain like it before but Andy did a top job," Quinton said.

"The State Emergency Service were already there. That was a good feeling. To know the minute we hit the shore they'll juice him and he's right," Nathan told The Project.

Both Nathan and Quinton were treated immediately when they arrived at the shore. Quinton was taken by helicopter to hospital and Nathan was stitched up and sent home.

The Brothers Were Airlifted To Hospital
Quinton was airlifted to hospital. Photo: Facebook/Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter.

But Nathan and Andy made a detour rather than going directly home.

"We had to walk past the pub to get to the car," Nathan said laughing.

"So we went in for a couple of schooners."

Quinton also laughed, joking that he was "quite disgusted" that his brother was having beers while he was in surgery

The brothers, who are both spearfishers, also conceded it was ironic they were the ones stabbed by an animal.

Nathan and Quinton Peck
Nathan and Quinton are both spearfishers. Photo: The Project.

"There's a huge amount of irony in it, I think that sort of you know where the jokes have come from to a certain degree it’s just that the hunters have been hunted. It’s that sort of mentality, you take it with a grain of salt," Nathan said.

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And the brother's message to their attacker?

"One to the marlin, zero to us," Quinton said.

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