Is The Otway Panther Real?

Twin brothers claim to have spotted a fabled big cat whilst walking in Victoria.

The legend of the Otway Panther has been spoken of for years in Victoria’s Geelong region.

There’s been numerous sightings in the surrounding areas, with people claiming to have seen a big cat in the Otways, You Yangs, Lake Connewarre and along the Great Ocean Road.

On Sunday, there was another sighting. (Cue Law & Order intro music)

Twin brothers Royce and Ben Chaffey were enjoying a walk near the Otway Ranges northeast of Lorne when they saw something prowling nearby.

"We were driving at the back of Lorne... looking down the track, there was a large black cat standing in the middle of the path," the brothers told The Project on Tuesday.

"Got the phone out, got some footage of it, we quickly promptly retreated to the car to talk about it for a while."

They said they were "absolutely" fearing for their lives.

"Glad I had the brown jocks on today," they joked.

The brothers said it was definitely not just a large domestic cat, very confident it was more than the garden variety feral.

"It was big and it was scary, it had a really long tail, jet black," they said.

Big Cats Victoria researcher Simon Townsend has been studying the sightings of unexplained big cats around the country from more than 40 years.

And according to him, the Otways are a known hot spot for big cat sightings.

“I am pretty confident and so are a lot of other people, in the fact that they do exist,” he told the Geelong Advertiser newspaper.

“These animals are big, sleek and muscular … they are very low in density and are not common.

“But there are certain areas that are hot spots and the Otways is one of them.”

Hot spot or not, I’ll believe it when I see some clear footage.