In-spire-ing New Roof Designs For Notre-Dame

The world watched in horror as the inferno on Notre-Dame’s roof engulfed the spire, however an international competition to restore the cathedral has captured the imagination of both architects and meme creators alike.

When French President Emmanuel Macron immediately announced Notre-Dame’s roof was to be restored within five years it raised a few eyebrows. Over 1000 architecture experts have warned not to rush the reconstruction and conservationists have suggested the rebuild could take over a decade, plus the damage to the roof is still being assessed by experts. But time is certainly ticking if they want to meet that 5-year deadline.

Rush-job or not, one thing’s for sure: architects love a good public design competition. It’s an opportunity to get the firm name out there and gain a bit of free publicity. Plus, with several billionaires pledging over €1 billion (A$1.62bn) towards the reconstruction, everyone’s hoping to get in on being tied to an iconic piece of architecture and history, with a pretty good budget to see the vision through to completion. Side note; it always pays to read the fine print, Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit has released a statement saying that “the greater part of these donations have not yet materialised.” Uh oh.

Financials aside, let’s take a look at the designs architects and meme-creators have put forward for consideration.

A skinny little spire with a beam of light shooting out of it. Fans of lasers say yes!

Why have some stained-glass windows when you can have all the stained-glass windows?

Let’s hope birds will easily see these crystal windows instead of flying directly into them.

Don’t ignore the traumatic experience – cover it in gold leaf!

Perhaps this is a solution to having one foot in the past and another in the future?

The best thing about a competition is this is what happens when all other ideas have been explored.

It’s about time all those roosting pigeons had an actual tree to roost in.

These are all good ideas, but let’s see what else is out there.

Simply add a tasteful ramp and early bird special.

If this wins someone will need to plop a houseboat up there for Quasimodo.


Quelle horreur!

The winner for The People’s Notre-Dame Cathedral Design Competition will be announced 31 July 2019.