Comment Attributable To Shadow Special Minister Of State, Don Farrell

Comment attributable to Shadow Special Minister of State, Don Farrell

Labor is proud to have continually fought for improved transparency and greater accountability in Australia’s political donation system. We took a policy of significant donation reform to the 2016 Federal election, and introduced legislation into the Parliament that would significantly improve our donation laws.

Labor’s reforms include:

  • Reduce the donation disclosure limit from the current level of $13,800 (indexed to inflation) to a fixed $1000.
  • Prohibit the receipt of foreign donations.
  • Ban ‘donation splitting’ where donations are spread between different branches of political parties and associated entities to avoid disclosure obligations.
  • Ban the receipt of anonymous donations above $50.
  • Link public funding to campaign expenditure.
  • Introduce new offences and increased penalties for abuses of the political donation disclosure regime.

Labor has successfully secured reform on many of these commitments. A ban on foreign political donations is now in place, and public funding has been successfully linked to campaign expenditure; preventing candidates and parties from profiting off our electoral system.

Labor is committed to reform on those remaining priorities. Unlike Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party, Labor will reduce the donation disclosure threshold from $13,800 indexed to inflation to a fixed $1,000 as a priority.

There is also a pressing need to improve transparency in the political system so we will continue to consult widely to establish a real time disclosure regime for political donations.