Is The Election Outcome In The Stars?

A Twitter user has crunched the astral numbers and it looks like a Taurus will be our new Prime Minister!

Eliza Berlage has been looking at the stars and doing the paperwork – releasing the details on Twitter for us all to benefit from.


Whether you believe in star signs or not, the proof is in the pudding: Virgos appear better suited.

We’re talking Andrew Fisher, James Scullin, Joseph Lyons, Ben Chifley, John Gorton, and Kevin Rudd.

How do I know who’s what? Thanks, Eliza!


So, with Virgos believed to be strong, intelligent, and practical people (although they can be overcritical and fussy) are these the makings of a good PM? I can’t tell you; you’ll need to consult your star sign as to what you like.

Here’s another interesting astrological fact that Eliza has uncovered:


Either way, it looks like we’re getting a Taurus. Wondering what sort of day Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison are having? Eliza hasn’t given us that but has said “You might suddenly decide to just disappear for a while, collect your thoughts and step away from the madness of it all at last.” Hmm. I don’t know if that’s a good idea, what with the election being next week.

The website has also said “Becoming your ideal size as far as your physical appearance is concerned could take a little more time and therefore needs patience.” You do you, bb’s. Don’t you let those body issues get you down.