Tough Mudder's So-Called 'Electro Shock Therapy' Changed Andrew's Life Forever

"Just run as fast as you can and you'll be fine." That's the advice one Tough Mudder competitor said he received as he faced one of the most notorious obstacles at the famous endurance event.

'Electro Shock Therapy' -- as it is referred to by the company-- is one of the hardest sections of Tough Mudder -- a global event which sees participants compete in a series of gruelling physical tests.

The obstacle is the last part of the 16-kilometre course and the final challenge standing between competitors and the finish line.

Participants must navigate a muddy and hay-filled field, as hundreds of dangling wires overheard zap them with shocks reaching up to 10,000 volts.

Competitors fight through electric shock wires in a Tough Mudder race in the U.S. Image: Getty

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Standing in front of the electroshock obstacle as a competitor, Andrew Dawkins had no idea the impact it would have on his life.

Recalling the moment he ran into the electric field to Lisa Wilkinson on 'The Project', Dawkins breaks down on camera.

Image: The Project

"Me and my friend took a run up and sprinted into it, into the obstacle and felt this intense shock in my spine," he said.

For more than a week after finishing the course Dawkins said his condition continued to decline, until he was eventually hospitalised on day nine.

Image: The Project

"I just continued to kind of slowly degrade," he told Wilkinson.

The effects left him temporarily wheelchair-bound.

"No one seemed to have an explanation," he said.

Image: The Project

Recalling the pain at the time he said he remembered waking up in the middle of the night convinced that he had some form of rare cancer.

"I just had to accept that I was going to die."

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