Statement from Louise Stewart

Statement from Louise Stewart

Statement from Louise Stewart

Following on from the publication of polling data for the Federal seat of Curtin in the West Australian on Saturday, it is now public knowledge that the data contained within that polling was not obtained by the polling company quoted.

After being alerted to issues with the polling, Ms Stewart reached out to the polling company, as well as other figures including Mr Alex Turnbull. Ms Stewart committed to further public statements once more information about the polling and its provenance had been established.

Ms Stewart has always maintained that the purported polling data was provided to her in an email from "”, a domain very similar to one reported on by Fairfax Media, in which it suggested resources were being supplied to independent campaigns by Mr Alex Turnbull through an organisation of that or similar name.

Now Ms Stewart can state publicly, alongside Mr Turnbull's revelations on Channel Ten's The Project this evening and in The New Daily today, that data has been obtained suggesting "" may have originated from a location close to a senior conservative WA Liberal MP's office in Perth.

Neither Mr Turnbull nor Ms Stewart have chosen to name the MP at this stage.

Ms Stewart is outraged at the subterfuge that appears to have been practised on her campaign, saying it showed how desperate the Liberal Party were to fend off her independent candidacy and impose an extreme conservative candidate on the seat of Curtin.

“Matthias Cormann suggested that I had "questions to answer" over the polling published in the West Australian on Saturday. Now it appears it is Mathias Cormann and his fellow Liberal Party conservatives who have serious questions to answer,” she said.

“If it is indeed the case that another political party has sought to sabotage my campaign in this way it would be a damning indictment on them.”