Australian Government's Statement Regarding Former President of Nauru's Comments

In an extraordinary deathbed confession, the man who did the deal with Australia to accept the refugees we don’t want has labelled it “a deal with the devil”, that amounts to “torture” for those seeking asylum.

Australian Government Spokesperson:

Under the previous Labor government 50,000 people arrived on 800 boats, 1200 people died at sea, and 8000 children were forcible placed into detention. It was an appalling failure of public policy.

Regional processing arrangements are a critical component of the Government’s border protection policies – along with temporary protection visas and boat turnbacks.

Refugees and non-refugees in Nauru live in the community, they are not detained.

The Australian Government works closely with the Government of Nauru to ensure appropriate services are provided to refugees and non-refugees, including health and welfare services. In Nauru, there is currently one health professional to every seven refugees or non-refugees. This is a ratio not seen anywhere in Australia.

The Coalition’s border policies have kept Australia’s borders secure.  And because of this we have saved lives and been able to expand our refugee and humanitarian programme to 18,750 places a year.