Google Takes Street View To Kakadu

Stretch out the fingers and take a breathtaking virtual walk through Kakadu National Park.

To commemorate Kakadu’s 40th Anniversary, Google, Tourism Northern Territory, and supported by the board of management have teamed up with the National Park to let you peruse the awe-inspiring beauty of Kakadu without ever having to leave your house.

Google sent a lucky tracker to the UNESCO double world heritage sight to check it out and now we can all reap the benefits of someone else going for a big walk.

Click your boat along Twin Falls Gorge as you stretch out in bed.

Feel a wonderful sense of being both utterly small and connected to a vast past as you gaze upon rock art at Ubirr. After all, humans have been at Kakadu National Park for over 65,000 years. Do those tweets you’re writing on the couch between looking at this and clicking have the same staying power?

And take a virtual dip in the incredible waters of the Jim Jim Falls as you brush crumbs off your lap.

Time to book a flight and see it in person and do it justice, I reckon. To check out all of the fascinating Kakadu street-view locations out, click here.