Tinder For Food Will Revolutionise How You Order At A Restaurant

Phwoar! What a dish!

If you’re not a talented French rat with a passion for cooking, essentially blinded from within a hat atop of a young man’s head of whom you’re controlling to help get through a tough patch at work while a critic and nasty boss threaten to derail your late father’s legacy -- and let’s face it, who is -- you may find it tricky navigating a restaurant’s menu without seeing exactly what will end up on your plate.

I’ve done it before and let me tell you -- French rat chefs aside -- I have had many-a-meal ruined with the regret of only finding out I ordered the wrong thing once it’s sitting directly in front of me.

However, thanks to the entrepreneurial foresight of 25-year-old entrepreneur, Jessica Koncz we can now avoid this whole mess to begin with.

It’s called ‘Eatsee’ and is being likened to ‘Tinder for food’.

Which begs the question –- what are you going to do with that meal?

Buy it a meal? Get it on in the staff toilet?

Whether you love eating good food or simply romancing it -– this is the app for you! Here’s how it works: Visit a participating eatery, scan the QR code to view the eatery’s digital menu (i.e. pics), scroll, and decide.

And the potential of this app is huge: it’s been valued at $2 million, which is a lot of crepes made by a tiny French rat chef who has helped a young man prove the critic and old boss wrong, all whilst operating a business that now employs all of its other rat friends.

Eatsee isn’t quite cooked yet but no doubt we will be awaiting its triumphant debut once it’s live on April 22.

Either way, let’s go eat some rats.