Does Reclining Your Plane Seat In Economy Make You The Worst?

An article posted on Twitter about where you should recline your plane seat in economy has fired up a fierce debate.

It’s the debate that has divided the Economy class against itself!

Before we proceed, here’s where I stand (or sit):

Whether you choose to recline or not, don’t be a jerk. Long-haul economy is hard on everyone. Don’t make it worse for yourself and everyone else around you by choosing fury as your first emotion to anything that happens around you. Also, the true enemy is how these planes are designed; but I’d still pick it over a 6-week boat trip and that’s why they have us in the palm of their hands.


Ooooooo! How much are flights to hell?

It’s not us, it’s them! Do not be the first domino to tip!

You do you, Tonya.

Excellent point, Michael.

Just because someone reclines it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re an awful person. What is a good indicator of someone being awful on a plane is not using headphones and blasting music or a movie at full volume. Once I was on a plane where people were taking photos with the flash on. Heaps of passengers thought the plane was somehow malfunctioning. That wasn’t fun. Think about those around you, people.

Frankly I think the most pressing issue with economy plane seats is improving those weird head-rests that don’t sit flush with the back of the chair. Why put my neck at that angle? Who are the dingbats who engineered those things? Why do they want me to me looking 45 degrees downward all the time? What if I don’t want to have a double chin for ten hours?

No matter how you cut it, flying in economy is uncomfortable. But it’s also really easy to have manners; Don’t recline around meals and always check before you recline lest someone’s laptop get crunched or coffee spilled.

Simply check in with the person behind you before you do something drastic. After all, we’re all in this economy class together.

But also, if you do fly economy - buying a pair of noise-canceling headphones is the best thing you will ever do.

Good luck, flyers!