Lamborghini Driver Proves They Have More Dollars Than Cents

This is why we can’t have nice things.

We’ve all been there; you’ve been at a supercar event all day, you’re all excited about cars, you then step into your own and all hopped up on car fumes and burning rubber a wild flash appears across the front of your brain and you declare ‘NOW I AM THE CAR SHOW’, and you immediately crash your Lamborghini.

Just me? No?

Well, now there’s a second person in the world who has done the same thing.

We find ourselves in Acton, West London. To be specific it was after a supercar show put on by local supercar dealership, HR Owen.

In what can only be described as rather unfortunate, a bloke was showing off and utterly dudded it within ten seconds. Thankfully the only thing that was hurt was the driver’s pride, with witnesses quoted in the Evening Standard; “I’m pretty sure the driver was crying when he got out. It was easily a write-off.”

Refer to pictures and videos as filmed by the numerous onlookers which helped to compound the embarrassment:

The whole thing is a bit puzzling really. With the car itself costing over half a million Australian dollars, you’d think the person buying it would have driven a car down a straight street before. Apparently not.

Here’s hoping the sales team at HR Owen have a few others in stock.