Bad News For Businesswomen

Listen up, tens, a researcher is speaking. And they have bad news.

It’s a wildly held-belief that if you’re more attractive you will attain greater advantages in both life and the workplace. However, a researcher from Washington State University has some bad news for businesswomen - If you’re attractive you’re considered less trustworthy, less truthful, and more worthy of being fired. Oof.

First of all, what is untrustworthy behaviour in an office? Shaking hands with your fingers crossed behind your back? Selling secrets to your competitors? Stealing pens from desks?

Also, less truthful? But what if they can’t handle the truth?

And more worthy of being fired? What does that even mean? If two people set fire to the office and one was an attractive woman, why is she more of a target? Unconscious bias, that’s why! They’re both guilty! Lock them both up!

It’s because people see powerful, attractive businesswomen as ‘femme fatales’ which frankly, in an office context, is just plain bizarre and maybe people who think this should take on a few more projects so they don’t have time to mix make-believe with reality.

Refocus, people.

For the uninitiated, Wikipedia defines ‘Femme Fatale’ as ‘a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.’ I would like to refer back to reality and ask – What on earth is happening in your office if you think this is relevant to the people you work with??? What is your business? Are you spies?

The researcher also found that you’re also more likely to believe these things if you’re particularly insecure in your relationships and sexual history. Essentially – she’s a risk to women because she’s going to steal their men, and she’s a threat to men because she’s going to cheat and have someone else’s baby. Once again - what in heterosexual hell is happening in your office? Call H.R. immediately!

So, you’ve all been warned – leave that businesswoman out of your subconscious bias, she just wants to go to work and she did not choose the body she was born into, you lizard-brained dummy.