Egg Boy Says He 'United People' But Viewers Are Split After Project Interview

Will Connolly said "this egg has united people", but he appears to have divided Australians after an exclusive interview with The Project.

Ever since he cracked the egg that divided the nation, the Melbourne teenager -- who has famously become known as Egg Boy -- has been both vilified and dubbed the "hero of the Earth".

Speaking exclusively with The Project's Hamish Macdonald on Monday, he reflected on the whirlwhind of attention he has received since his attack on senator Fraser Anning.

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"I understand what I did was not the right thing to do," he told Macdonald.

"However, this egg has united people and, you know, money has been raised -- tens of thousands of dollars raised for those victims."

While many comments of support came flooding in for the 17-year-old, others conceded his actions sent the wrong message.

He told Macdonald he didn't expect the now "embarrassing" confrontation with senator Fraser Anning to blow up as it did, and that "too much attention is actually brought away from the real victims suffering" -- words that, for many viewers, spoke volumes about his character.

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Many on social media were quick to label Connolly an "absolute hero!!" and a "good Aussie lad" who "egged racism".

Others said Connolly appeared "calm and well spoken", commending his power to bring change.

"Will (aka Eggboy) is an outstanding young man! Keep on keeping on Will ... you've got the power to draw attention and bring change!"," said one person on Twitter.

But other viewers reacted with outrage over his attack on a serving politician, saying he was "wrong" and "hypocritical".

"Put aside Anning's views, can't comprehend how #eggboy is being glorified for this. Does that mean people are going to start egging each other for having different views?" asked one person on Twitter.

"I'm not a fan of Anning and his statement was disgusting as was the way he reacted to the egging," said another on Facebook.

"But what the kid did is plain wrong."

Some viewers said the teen's actions were disrespectful, while others were quick to point out his "embarrassed" reaction was at odds with his choice to film the attack.

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Featured image: The Project