TONIGHT: ScoMo Finally Agrees To Live TV Interview With Waleed Aly On The Project

After a war of words, the Prime Minister and Logie-award winning presenter Waleed Aly will "chat" for 30 minutes of commercial-free television.

In the lead up to this rare and live exchange, there were threats of legal action and a last-minute interview cancellation.

Now our most senior politician and the country's most recognisable Muslim personality have decided it's time to chat.

Morrison criticised Aly after The Project host repeated a claim that the PM urged the Coalition in 2011 to exploit concerns about Muslims in Australia to win votes.

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On the Friday evening of the New Zealand terror attack, Aly gave an emotional editorial.

“You’ll have to forgive me, these won’t be my best words,” he said, visibly distressed.

He said the events, while shocking, weren't surprising.

Turning to comments which angered the Prime Minister, Aly said there had been “media reports going back eight years at a shadow cabinet meeting in which another senior politician suggested his party should use community concerns about Muslims in Australia failing to integrate as a political strategy”.

“That person is now the most senior politician we have,” he said, which pointed to Morrison.

The PM denied the reports, and told ABC News that Aly’s comment were a “disgraceful smear" and "an appalling lie”.

“It’s [an] ugly and disgusting lie and I reject it absolutely ...  over the last decade, I have spent my time as a public figure working with the Muslim community in south-western NSW."

When asked about reports he was suing for defamation,  Morrison backed down from those claims.

On Monday's program, Hamish Macdonald revealed Morrison had been booked to appear on The Project live where he he would be given an opportunity to respond. Instead, Morrison's media team cancelled his appearance. 

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"Obviously, two months out from an election, this is being dragged into an ugly political fight," Macdonald said.

10 daily is told tonight's interview will go ahead.

The Project's special Q&A with Scott Morrison will air at 6.30pm EST commercial-free. 

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