Statement from Master Builders Australia

Comments on the record from Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia.

Comments on the record from Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia.

“There has been a comprehensive inquiry, undertaken for Building Ministers, which resulted in the Building Confidence Report (otherwise known as the Shergold-Weir Report) which made important recommendations about building compliance including cladding.  Master Builders wants governments at a Federal, State and Territory level to get on with implementing its recommendations. 

Master Builders has identified that the priority areas from that report are: 

  • Statutory recognition of the whole value chain in the regulatory process (product suppliers, building designers, architects and engineers).
  • A focus by regulators on best practice in building inspection, education and training.
  • Registration and licensing of building professionals and key trades that requires NCC training and mandatory CPD.
  • Adequate project documentation through required information for products and minimum requirements for third party certification.
  • A centralised source for product information.
  • Certification system for new construction that comprises of design approval, inspections throughout key stages of construction and construction acceptance.

 A big part of the solution is regulators providing better information to the building supply chain (architects,  designers, builders developers, surveys etc) about building product compliance with regulations. In addition, the Building Ministers Forum recently supported, in-principle, that building practitioners should owe a duty of care to building owners (and subsequent building owners) for residential construction work and certain commercial construction for small business, and if required this should be provided for in legislation. Master Builders is part of an industry forum engaging with regulators about this.  Master Builders wants any obligations to apply to all parties in the building supply chain including architects, designers, building surveyors and builders. 

 The Building Ministers Forum also needs to get on with its commitment to finding a way through the challenges that have resulted in the professional indemnity insurance market as a result of the cladding issue.”