Mates Rescued After 48 Hours In Croc Infested Waters

After two days in the blazing heat and humidity the men were found by helicopter

These guys need to buy a lotto ticket.

Two men on a fishing trip in remote Kakadu have been rescued after spending two days stranded in a tree above crocodile-infested waters.

The men, aged in their 20s, were on a fishing trip on the South Alligator River when their boat partially sank on Monday, forcing them to climb up a tree.

Out of all the rivers you wouldn’t want your boat to sink in, the South Alligator River would be in the top 5.

Leaving all of their safety equipment and other supplies in the boat after scrambling up the tree, the men spent two days in temperatures above 35 degrees and humidity above 90 per cent.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they had no idea what was lurking in the water just meters away.

Thankfully, when their boss realised they had not returned, he hired a charter helicopter to search for them, a statement from non-profit medical group CareFlight says.

Once they spotted the helicopter, the men were able to reach a fire extinguisher in the boat, which they used to get the helicopter's attention.

After the men were spotted, the helicopter returned to the South Alligator River boat ramp where Rangers and friends brought the men to CareFlight's medical team.

The lucky pair were treated for dehydration and severe insect bites, then flown to Royal Darwin Hospital in a stable condition.

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