Statement From NBN Co

A spokesperson from NBN Co has provided the following statement.

The Ookla speed test shows that Australia’s average fixed broadband download speeds 33.28MBps compares favourably with the average speed 12 months ago when it was around 26Mbps.

This step change in the average speed of fixed broadband performance points to an overall improvement in speeds once customers connect to the NBN.

There are many factors at play that contribute to Australia’s average download speeds of fixed broadband, but with most other inputs being equal, we believe the improvement in average speed may be attributed to the progress that is being made with the national rollout of the nbn. We had connected 2.4 million premises 19 months ago, but have recently surpassed the milestone of 4.8 million premises connected.

We expect to connect a further 3 million more premises by the end of the rollout at which time we expect to see the overall average fixed broadband speeds in Australia continue to increase as customers move from legacy services.

In January this year 57 per cent of NBN connections were on 50Mbps or above and by 2020 we expect 90 per cent of premises connected to NBN's fixed line network to be able to access download speeds of at least 50Mbps.

It's important to remember speedtest results do not reflect the quality of internet services in a given country. They measure actual download speeds. People may choose to buy lower-speed internet services even when faster speeds are available.  We encourage consumers connected to the NBN to talk with their phone and internet provider to see which plan has the speed and data that best suits their home or business needs.