Boy Gets Stuck In Toilet

Yes, this is the news

What you need to know
  • There was a toilet.
  • There was a boy.
  • The boy got stuck in the toilet.

Guys, some days there are lots of things happening in the world. There are political scandals, environmental disasters and prime ministers being spilled. On other days, a boy gets stuck in a toilet. My friends, today is one of those days.

A boy in China, in the city of Wuhan (which rhymes with ‘poo-han’, but come on, grow up!) has gotten stuck in a toilet. In the past you would hear about boys being stuck in a well. Welcome to the 21st century where a boy has gotten stuck in a toilet.

According to reports, the boy had been playing games on his phone for quite some time and had not noticed that during that period he had slowly started to sink into the toilet bowl. And, thus, he found himself stuck in the toilet.

An artist's recreation of the incident

Take this as a warning, dear readers, because it could happen to anyone. Time flies when you’re having fun, and also when you’re on the toilet. At first you’re just scrolling through Facebook or composing a tweet, next thing you know, you’re four hours deep into a YouTube hole, and your bum has gotten stuck inside another hole.

The one good thing about getting stuck in the toilet is that it makes it very hard to drop your phone in the toilet, because you are already stuck in the toilet, and so you are probably covering the bowl.

The boy was discovered by his mum, who tried to unplug him herself. But it became apparent that the boy was stuck in the toilet, and so the firefighters were called to the rescue. As a side note - don’t firefighters have an incredible spectrum of emergencies in their occupation? One day you’re rescuing people from a burning building, next day you’re cutting through a toilet seat to rescue a boy stuck in a toilet.

The rescue was a painstaking process. The firefighters had to be careful not to cause secondary injuries to the boy (who was stuck in the toilet at the time). And so they carefully dismantled the toilet seat and then used pliers to break the rim and free the boy from his prison.

So, what message is there to take from this story? The message is simple: today a boy got stuck in a toilet.

P:S – I typed this on the toilet and I think I’m stuck. Please help.