What Would You Do If Your Bus Needed To Chuck A Uey On The Highway?

A bus driver in China has found a solution to a bus-sized problem.

OK, here’s a hypothetical for you. You’re a bus driver. You’ve driven buses your whole life. Buses are everything to you.

But then! - you are driving your beloved bus down a highway, everything’s fine, here comes a toll point, OK, wait... how big is this toll point? HOW BIG? I CAN’T FIT! WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?!

Option 1: You pull over and jump out, your bus life is over. You get plastic surgery and acquire the documents for a fake new name and new life. You drive scooters now.

Option 2: You’ve decided - come hell or high water - you’ll fit. You are going to barge this bus through that toll point. However, you don’t fit and now you have to fix both a bus and a toll point. You have angered the toll booth community and they will never forgive you. They work day and night to have your bus license revoked. You skip town. You drive scooters now.

Option 3: You turn that bus around! You’re a bus driver, dammit, and you will drive this bus!

Well, let this hypothetical become a realityical. Because Option 3 was a winner!

Please see diagrams below.

Step 1. Stop bus.

Step 2. Swing bus into oncoming traffic. Ignore the screams of any passengers.

Step 3. Relive that Austin Powers scene where he’s stuck in a hallway, completing a 100-point-turn.

Step 4. Manage to turn her around, and bolt to freedom! You may choose to yell ‘PARDON ME. EXCUSE ME. PARDON.’ at other drivers if you choose.

One thing’s for sure, that bus driver will never touch a scooter in their life. They’re a bus driver, dammit.

Images courtesy of Liveleak