The Last Blockbuster Video Store In Australia

Video stores around the world are dropping like flies, but not this one.

As a child nothing excited me more than heading to the local video store with the family.

The smell of popcorn would hit you as you entered, oooh yeah.

You had one thing on your mind, new releases, they were generally down the back, but you’d get there in double time, running if you had too.

You’d make your selection, then pick up a couple of weeklies’ (if there was a sweet deal going), then you’d pull out your membership card, pay your late fees, ask Mum if you can get a sweet treat, she’d say ‘no’, and you’d be on your way.

Growing up, this was at least a fortnightly occurrence for me and other kids my age.

Unfortunately, with the introduction of multi channeling on free-to-air networks, and then particularly the advent of Netflix, most kids today wont ever get to experience one of the greatest feelings a human could encounter.

Video stores around the world are dropping like flies, with the US and Australia only having one remaining Blockbuster store open for business.

Australia’s lone Blockbuster store is in Morley, Perth, Western Australia, and is run by couple John and Lyn Borszeky.

They (with some friends) invested in their first Blockbuster store 30 years ago.

Business was flying back then, with movies such as Police Academy being rented left right and center.

Over the last 10 years business has rapidly declined, they’ve had to close 2 of their 3 stores (they’ve had 6 in total).

“In the early days of course, was the heyday, we used to go on conferences with Blockbuster every month, we had really good times, but now we’re the only one left standing” – Lyn said.

John puts the demise of the industry down to a number of factors.

“First of all, if we go back a few years, when we went to digital TV, then we went to streaming services such as Netflix, but it’s not just Netflix it’s a culmination of things, the younger generation have moved onto social media also”.

Lyn and John aren’t giving up though, they still love their job and are keen to keep the store open for as long as possible.

So, if you live in, or are ever visiting Perth, drop in and see Lyn and John at their Morley Blockbuster, and help them keep the dream alive.

Tune in tonight to see more of Lyn and John.