Dishwashers Become Double Threats, Can Now Cook Foods

This is the only safe Tide pod challenge.

A Content Producer named Ashley at Australian consumer advocacy group, Choice has finally answered the question almost all of us have thought but never verbalised – can I cook food in the dishwasher?

We’re unsure what’s going on with Ashley, either he’s having a really fun time with colleagues, or this is a new classification at Choice and everything will now be ranked on the ‘Can I Put Beans In It?’ scale. Either way, he’s piqued my interest.

So let’s get back to Ashley’s findings - the answer is yes! But there are a few important tips.

The Most Important Tip: Appropriately seal your foods. You can use glass jars, or double zip-lock bags - whatever method you want - but it has to be sealed well. Because either you’ll get gross grey water on your salmon steak, or the salmon steak will return to its natural state and swim around the washer, giving everything a full body slap in the process.

Fill the dishwasher with dishes: Wild, I know. If you are planning on cooking in your dishwasher, it’ll actually do a better job of it if you load it with dishes as well. The crockery will help to regulate and stabilise the heat, leading to a more evenly cooked meal.

My compliments to the chef

Smaller meals are better: Think of your dishwasher as a dishwasher first, sous vide machine second. Whilst it can poach foods inside it isn’t built for it, therefore smaller portions are its limits, and you should cook foods that are alright to eat if not completely cooked through. So, keep the leg of lamb in the fridge until you’re ready to use the oven as a cooking machine rather than a clothes dryer.

Personally, I give Ashley a 10/10 on the review scale for being great at executing a hair-brained idea. And when Ashley isn’t advocating for us, we should be advocating for his crazy work adventures.  Long may you not get fired for constantly clogging office dishwashers.