This Unlikely Simulator Now Has Its Own Esports League

Empty the redback family out of your Blundstones and fire up the virtual harvester because Farming Simulator now has its own esports league!

For the uninitiated, Farming Simulator ‘19 is a game which is exactly as the title suggests; a simulation of farming, whereby you simulate running a graphics generated farm in the year 2019. And boy is it popular, with a million copies of Farming Simulator ’19 sold in its first 10 days of release. And over fifteen million copies in the tranquil series have been purchased since 2015.

Nothing like stretching out and sending yourself into a relaxing, crushing bankruptcy which forces you to empty your grain silos prematurely to take a load off.

Just how virtual farmers will compete against each other in a game that isn’t about winning is a little unclear at the moment, however it appears teams of three will compete against each other in agricultural centered tasks.

And with more than €280,000 worth of prizes on the line, it’s bound to get competitive at the 10 tournaments across Europe which will then culminate at a Grand Final at FarmCon 2020. At last year’s Farming Simulator Championship which was also held at FarmCon, players had to press 20 bales of straw and load them onto a bale cart within 8 minutes. The team that loaded the bales in the shortest amount of time won.

Get ready for your victory lap.

No doubt the gamers will feel the pressure of having to do so in front of authentic farmers and their judging kelpies. I personally can’t imagine an embarrassment worse than having an excruciatingly low annual canola yield because I didn’t fertilise properly.

To all future competitors: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t not have an excellent potato crop.