Dubbo Man Celebrates Drought Break With Epic Mud Slide

And in true Aussie style he doesn’t spill a drop of his beer

Farmers in Dubbo have been doing it tough this month, with very little rainfall. From the beginning of the year till just last Friday they only received about 8.2mm of rain.

But thankfully that all changed on Saturday when a thunderstorm hit and according to the Bureau of Meteorology, Dubbo received a whopping 39.4 mm of rain.

One farmer, Ben Goatcher decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by frolicking about in the storm - beer in hand.

In the video, he can be seen in the distance running through the cow paddock in only his shorts before he launches himself into a puddle, all while somehow not spilling a single drop of his beer.

Ben couldn’t have been happier with the gift mother nature had given him, he told the Daily Mail.

'We were having a family barbecue, I was after a couple of beers and one thing led to another and I decided to go for a bit of a run.’

So, it turns out a bit of Dutch courage inspired Ben’s impromptu rain dance. It might have even contributed to his bumps and bruises the next day…

'I'm a bit knocked up this morning. As long as it's given someone a laugh it was definitely worth doing.'