Serving Sizes May Be Reduced By Aussie Food Brands

Tough economic times to blame for the possible smaller serving sizes of some Aussie favourites

In news that is sure to anger Australian shoppers, some of our favourite food brands may be forced to cut down their serving sizes or increase the price of their product due to issues facing the nation’s food manufacturing sector.

Products such as Sanitarium’s Weet-Bix and Arnott’s Shapes have already made changes to their packaging in the past year, with Weet-Bix 1.5kg boxes reduced to 1.2kg and 10 packs of Shapes reduced to 8.

To the dismay of shoppers, both altered products were kept the same price.

Tough economic times are to blame for the changes, as high labour costs, increased energy prices and the devastating drought take their toll.

The drought alone has had a huge impact on winter crops such as wheat, barley, oats and canola, which in turn has increased the price of everyday items such as bread, biscuits and cooking oil.

Chief Executive of the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Tanya Barden told the Herald Sun.

“Something had to give, food and grocery suppliers, big and small, are conscious of cost-of-living pressures on consumers and have been absorbing rising manufacturing costs for some time.”

“But the high pressure on Australia’s largest manufacturing sector is only expected to intensify with costs on everything from commodities, particularly caused by the drought, to labour to energy continuing to increase,” she said

Ms Barden also said, “Cost increases were now impacting the viability of Australian operations, with 4750 jobs lost in the sector in recent times and the potential for further job losses, business closures or moving operations offshore.”

It will be interesting to see how the Australian public react to the inevitable changes, will we stand by our Aussie products and pay for less?

Or will we let the operations move offshore?

Join us tonight to see what the panel’s thoughts on the matter are.

Weet-Bix packaging has changed in recent times