Werribee Sewage Farm No Longer Requires Toilet Duck As Mascot

Great news for birdwatchers who love cross-over hits – there is a Eurasian tufted duck living at the Werribee Water Treatment Plant.

No word on whether Tuffy is here for business or pleasure, however tufted ducks typically live in Eurasia and travel to milder climates in the winter. However, it appears that Tuffy’s cooked it and instead of heading just a little bit south, it’s gone extremely south. Tuffy has landed in Werribee which is famously known for its Open Range Zoo, big old mansion, and school excursions to the sewage farm.

In fact, no tufted duck has ever been recorded being this far south before.  So one thing’s for sure, Tuffy just flew in and boy are its arms tired.

And thankfully for eager birdwatchers, Tuffy is staying in the cleanest part of the water treatment plant- deciding against the room with the poo. In fact, more than 280 species live in the area thanks to its clean water and lack of human interference.

A duck tests water quality

We all recall Manhattan’s Hot Duck, and whilst that duck was a smash hit, I would argue that Tuffy is our cooler counterpart. What with that hairstyle and choice of black feathers.

And much like Hot Duck, Tuffy appears to be refusing to take interviews so its motives are as yet unknown.

Welcome, Tuffy. If you’re here a gap year we hope you have a ripper time and find farm work rewarding should you choose to stay on for another year.