Preppers Prepare To Prepare Mac And Cheese

You better believe preppers have prepared for every possibility, including comfort food.

If you’re unprepared in your knowledge about what preppers are, they participate in what is typically an American movement called survivalism. They are ready to survive in the wild or a bunker of their own making should the world order collapse or a catastrophic event change life as we know it. And frankly, looking at how things are going with Trump and Russia, you could probably understand why they are feeling a little unstable.

And in great news for pasta loving preppers, Costco are selling giant buckets of Mac and Cheese, which - like a fine wine or Kylie Minogue’s career - have an excellent shelf life.

20 years, to be exact. Which is 14 more than a well stored can of food lasts. So you better believe that the answer to ‘what’s for dinner’ in the bunker is ‘Mac and Cheese for the next 20 years, please stop asking this question every day.’

Singing is an excellent way to boost bunker morale.

However, preppers who weren’t prepared enough to nab a bucket of their own will have to hope the apocalypse doesn’t come between now and the next shelf-restock. Because the buckets been so popular with the survivalist community they are currently sold out. Try to think of this as a good trial run and remember to peruse the American Costco website each day, should a new bucket deal appear.

After all, all the best food comes from a bucket. Plus, until you’re ready to eat it you can pass time in the bunker by fashioning macaroni necklaces. And even better, once you’ve eaten all the mac and cheese, you get a bucket to wear as a hat.

Sounds like a win-win-win to me. Apart from the whole, life as we know it has irrevocably changed and we must now survive as both the hunter and the hunted.

Frankly, if they find a way to put croquembouche in a tin, I’m keen.