Caravan Of Hope: The Project Goes To Mexico To Meet The Migrant Convoy

The Project's Hamish Macdonald travelled to Mexico to meet the people in the migrant caravan.

Donald Trump calls it an 'invasion' but they call it 'an organic movement'.

Migrants arrive every day at the US-Mexico border after fleeing violence, poverty and persecution in Central and South America.

They group together, as a 'caravan', so their journey might be as safe as possible.

Macdonald travelled to Tijuana, and met some of the migrants who have so polarised America, as stories of their travel and plan to seek asylum in the US flooded news networks and dominated TV screens.

The first part of a two-part series will air on The Sunday Project at 6.30pm.

Migrants travel together to stay safe. Image: Hamish Macdonald.

They've travelled more than 4000 kilometres from countries like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Despite some knowledge of how difficult it might be to travel into the US, many are set on finding safety almost at any cost.

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"We have faith in God that everything will turn out, that we haven’t walked in vain," one migrant Teresa told The Project's Hamish Macdonald.

The young men, women and families typically walk for six, seven, even eight weeks along Mexico's Highway 2 to reach Tijuana. At the border city, a migrant camp with some 5000 people is where they wait until they can enter America.

If they can.

Migrants have faith that their efforts aren't in vain, Image: Hamish Macdonald

But the danger is not over.

As they wait, cartels, gangs and other crime groups pose a threat to the newly-arrived.

In some ways arriving in Tijuana is where the real battle begins.

For the full story watch The Sunday Project at 6.30 pm on 10.

Featured Image: Hamish Macdonald.