Calm Down Everyone, The Goop Christmas List Is Here

We all have heaps of cash lying around yea?

It’s always great receiving gifts during the holiday season (or silly season as I like to call it). Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don’t… but hey, I’ve never listened to Simply Red before Uncle Steve and I’m excited to dive into this mysterious musical journey, thank you for expanding my horizons.

But when it comes to buying gifts for other people, hoo boy, anxiety levels through the roof. You slowly realize you know very little about your family and friends, you have no idea what they like and you second guess gift idea you have (Are these hand crafted soaps offensive?… I don’t know anything anymore!).

Well worry not everyone, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand and disclaimer library ‘Goop’ has come to the rescue!

They have released their annual Holiday Gift guide and there really is something for everybody, provided everybody has a ridiculous amount of money.

Divided into handy sections for your viewing pleasure, from ‘The Wellness Gift Guide’ to ‘The One-Step-A Header’s Gift Guide’. But the greatest guide of all the guides is ‘The Ridiculous But Awesome Gift Guide’.

Stars of the Ridiculous But Awesome Gift Guide include…

The XXX Cappuccino Set


For when you want to invite a friend around for coffee, but want to creep them out as well.

King Size 24k Gold Rolling Papers

Gold Papers

For when you don’t just have money to burn, but gold to burn as well.

Golden Circle, Secret Lagoon and Bubble Tour

Glass house

For when you’ve run out of stones to throw.

Butter Churner

Butter Churn

You know you can buy butter yea?

Design The Aston Martin Of Your Dreams



Clip on Bidet


Ok, I would actually get this one.

So Christmas is sorted everybody, thanks Goop and thanks Gwyneth, you are truly doing the lord’s work.