Louis Theroux Thinks The World Is Getting Weirder

Louis Theroux has seen it all -- up close and personal.

But after more than two decades of traversing the globe so we can see it too, the veteran documentarian thinks 'weird' is spreading farther than ever before.

“I think the normal are getting weirder," Theroux told The Project on Wednesday night.

"You know certainly in America we’ve seen a sort of normalisation of beliefs and you know, political attitudes that 20 years ago when I was starting out in TV doing Weird Weekends, they were viewed as fringe."

"You know, you’ve got a guy in the White House who flirts with kind of code words for white nationalism, so I think there’s all kinds of ways in which we’re redefining what it means to be weird."

Theroux appeared on The Project on Wednesday night. Image: supplied

With the landscape of certified weirdness ever-changing and expanding, it's no surprise Theroux still has plenty to draw on for his new documentary series set to explore the way modern America deals with birth, death and love.

First up it's love, and a lot of it.

Love Without Limits explores the world of those who practice polyamory -- engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved.

The documentary focuses on a community in the so-called US capital of polyamory-- Portland, Oregan-- which is taking to task the traditional model for romantic and intimate relationships.

Theroux has been educating audiences on the extremes of human behaviours for decades. Image: Getty

It could be a confronting concept for some, but as always Theroux has walked away from the issue balanced in his thoughts.

After going into filming pretty assured the arrangement wasn't for him, having only experienced monogomous relationships himself, the filmmaker said he's now "slightly more sympathetic" to its benefits.

"It's not as though monogamy doesn't have its issues, you know, like monogomy is far from perfect," he said.

"You've got on the one hand people cheating behind people's backs, happens all the time, you've got high rates of divorce and breakups and even when it works quote unquote, you know, it can be quite boring."

Love Without Limits will be in Australian cinemas from November 30.