You Can Hire A Nude Person To Do Your Gardening

Service only available in the Gold Coast, because of course it is.

Gardening, it’s a chore that seams fun on the surface; you’re outside, getting fresh air and exercise. But when you have to do it every weekend, you’re getting hot dirty and sunburn, you realize what absolute nightmare it really is. So, it’s no surprise that a lot Australian’s just end up paying for someone else to do it.

Well now a company in the Gold Coast had combined the convenience of hiring someone to mow your lawn, with the awkwardness of being in the presence a fully nude human being.

Brett Jones, the founder of the cleaning service ‘Bare All Cleaners’ has now expanded the company into the world of garment-less grounds-keeping.

Of course, there is a strict no touching policy (of the gardener and the mower) and you need to have your own private garden.

“It is about providing the service in the privacy of their own property. They aren’t going to be out in front yards, a nature strip or anything like that,’’ “Obviously it comes down to common sense. There will also be chaps (worn by gardeners), or they can go shirtless. “It all just depends on what is suitable and what the booking client wants. Wherever possible they will nude up.” Brett Jones told the Gold Coast Bulletin

There are concerns about the legal ramifications of having a landscaper prancing about Au-natural, with indecent exposure being illegal in the gold coast, as it is in the rest of Australia.

Plus, the safety concerns of someone handling gardening equipment with their tackle out.

“We realize there are some elements like whipper-snipping you can’t do fully nude, but you certainly can plant, prune hedges or clean the pool,” Mr Jones said.

So, if you want to look at someone’s pale bum while they only do a few of the gardening activated that don’t endanger their bits, hit up bare all cleaners.