Meet The Two Soccer Referees Blowing The Whistle Into Their 80s

If you had intentions of slowing down once you hit 80, there is a pair of Sydney refs proving your options are still wide open.

Combined, Keith Scott and Dougal Graham have been running the sidelines of soccer fields for more than a century.

At the ages of 76 and 84 respectively, they have no intention of handing over their whistles.

While referees may not always be the most popular figure on a field, Scott and Graham play an integral role without which amateur sports clubs would cease to exist.

The Project's Hamish Macdonald sat down with them to check in on any potential retirement plans, and whether it's proving a little more difficult to keep up with their considerably younger players.

Keith Scott and Dougal Graham.

"It's a passion," Graham said.

"I don't feel the pressure because I think I can honestly say, I don't know whether they feel sorry for me, I get a very good level of respect from the players."

Originally from Yorkshire, UK, Scott has been a referee since 1966 while Graham has been on the pitch for 36 years of his own.

It's their way of giving back to the sport but for us looking in, it puts up a pretty good case for keeping active in your golden years.

And while they may moderate the competitive action on the field, there's plenty of competition between the two themselves.

"You see, Dougal is my benchmark," Scott told McDonald.

"If he goes to 85, I've got to go to 86."

Watch Hamish Macdonald's full interview with Keith and Dougal on The Sunday Project tonight from 6:30.