What’s This Outback Pub Doing To Attract The Ladies?

One Kalgoorlie Hotel is turning the tables and introducing male skimpies.

The country WA town of Kalgoorlie is the gold mining capital of Australia but it’s also the home of pubs where the female bartenders wear very little. They’re called skimpies and one pub in town has decided it’s time for the fellas to give it a go.

Tracy Julian is the manager at Hannans Hotel and was looking for a new way to attract punters.

“We were just sitting at the bar having some drinks wondering what we could do for something different and yeah, male skimpies was the idea.”

After an extensive search, Tracy was able to narrow down the list of hopefuls to a select few - including local concreter Matty Abbott who prepares for the job by making sure he is “waxed and tanned”.

In taking the job Matty ran into some trouble with his own mum, Colleen, but as she explained, it was for a very good reason.

“I was going to have a girl’s night and to have a little perv and I couldn’t because my son was going to be there!” Colleen lamented.

The addition of the male skimpies, or himpies as they’re called, has seen a boom in business with the pub packing out with ladies.

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