Model Robyn Lawley On Getting Back Up After Horror Fall

Model Robyn Lawley may have fallen on her face, but she tells Lisa Wilkinson how she got back up to focus on the more important things in life.

Three months ago, Robyn Lawley was lying in a hospital bed after suffering a seizure that caused a horror fall down stairs.

The model landed on her face, causing her tooth to go through her lip and resulted in extensive stitches across her forehead and mouth. The seizure was caused by her lifelong battle with lupus.

But despite working in an industry reliant on her looks, Lawley refuses to have work done on the scarring on her face.

"I was like if the fashion world doesn’t accept me back, I’ll focus on bigger more important things," she told Lisa Wilkinson.

Despite some of her friends calling scars 'Walking-Dead-Frankenstein-chique', the incident showed Lawley who her real friends are.

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"But the real friends are people that love me," she said.

"One of my best friends came up straight after the accident when I was home. We went out upstate to Woodstock without my tooth and enjoyed the day."

Lawley, who was the first 'plus-size' model to feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated, has learnt to love her body, blaming the pressure of the media for young woman struggling with their looks.

"I haven’t always accepted my body, you know I went through a lot of body hate when I was a teenager," she said.

"I realise now looking back on an older perspective that it was all the media, it was everyone telling us that our bodies weren’t enough, our bodies weren’t good enough."

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