A Young Girl’s Quest To Find Her Little Town A Doctor

Kimba in South Australia has lost its doctor but eight-year-old Edie is on the case

When a small regional town in South Australia lost its only doctor an unlikely little hero sprang into action.

Moved by the town’s loss eight-year-old Edie Rayner penned an open letter to GPs across Australia, asking them to come to Kimba.

“Dear doctors, my name is Edie Rayner and I am eight-years-old,” she begins.

“I come from Kimba, it’s pretty small and we don’t have a doctor anymore. Can you please come to Kimba and be a doctor?”

“All of the people here are really nice, but some kids are really sick and it makes their mums and dads very sad. Some really old people are sick too, like my Great Big Grandma, but she died.”

Edie’s emotional plea has since picked up momentum after her mum Carmen sent it to media across the country.

The letter has also been shared thousands of times since it was posted on Facebook three weeks ago.

But as well as highlighting their loss, Edie was careful to show off Kimba's good side.

“My dad will show you all around our farm and show you how to shear a sheep and ride a motorbike,” Edie wrote.

“My mum will make you some pretty soap and probably some biscuits.”

“I think you should ring Mayor Dean at the Council because he knows everything about Kimba.”

Kimba is 280km north-west of Adelaide on the Eyre Peninsular with a population of just over a thousand people.

“If you can come to Kimba I will be very happy.”

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