Statement From The Hon Peter Dutton MP

Regarding The Guardian Australia Article

I refer to an article authored by Lisa Martin and published by The Guardian Australia today.

Ms Martin has previously published articles on this matter and sought to suggest in her articles and through her questions to my office, that decisions I made as Minister for Immigration contravened the Ministerial Code of Conduct. This has been proven false.

Ms Martin then sought to suggest that decisions I made as Minister for Immigration had been to my personal or my family’s benefit through the employment of an au pair. This has been proven false.

In her most recent article, Ms Martin seeks to imply that my Chief of Staff may be related to Gillon McLachlan. This too is false.

I have previously dealt with her claims and refer to my statement on this matter dated 26 March 2018.

Ministers for Immigration receive, annually, hundreds of representations on individual migration matters from members of the public, organisations, journalists and other Members of Parliament.

There are long standing intervention powers provided to Ministers to consider and deal with these representations. These powers were the same under the former Labor Government.

I consider cases on their merits. Any suggestions cases are determined on any other basis, including whether I knew the individual who referred the matter, is completely ridiculous.

There is an administrative process to be followed and it has been followed in every instance.

Minister Dutton’s Office – 02 6277 7860