The Charity Helping Kids Put Their Best Foot Forward

Meet the man changing the lives of rugby-loving kids one boot at a time

Shaun Slater is not so much walking a mile in someone else’s shoes as giving them new ones.

The Queensland father is the brains behind the charity BootsFourKids which is changing lives of rugby-loving children.

The inspiration came last December at his daughter’s league game.

There he noticed that the local Indigenous children didn't have boots to play in.

After initially trying to source 30 boots to cover the local kids, he got on a roll.

Now eight months later he has collected more than 1,100 pairs of new and used boots from local clubs, businesses and families moved to support his grass roots campaign.

His efforts have won Shaun a Queensland Child Protection Award, but it’s seeing the impact it has on young lives that makes it all worthwhile.

“You can see how happy these kids are,” he said.

“It’s a good feeling.”

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Shaun also drives miles to make deliveries, recently taking 120 pairs out to an Aboriginal community two hours west of Rockhampton.

He’s already planning a trip to the Northern Territory.

Shaun believes that while not having the right shoes can stop kids playing the sport they love it can also act as a barrier for broader inclusion in the community.

BootsFourKids will be featured on The Project on Thursday