It’s Time To Put Betty Wilson In Bronze

Let’s all get behind getting cricket Betty Wilson in Bronze #BettyInBronze

Betty Wilson is one of the greatest female cricketers of all-time. You may have never heard of her, but her feats are second only to the late, great Don Bradman.

Between 1947 and 1958, Betty averaged more than 57 runs - that’s better than Border, and better than Greg Chappell.

Cricket writer and commentator, Catherine McGregor, said, “Her stats are as good as anyone. She was the first player in history to take 10 wickets and score a 100 in the same match. If that wasn’t enough, she topped that Test off with a hattrick.”

Betty passed away in 2010, and in 2015 she was posthumously inducted in the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame.

The Australian Cricket Hall of Fame followed last year, with Betty joining Keith Miller, Neil Harvey and Shane Warne to be inducted.

But there’s one thing that sets those three men apart from Betty Wilson, their achievements are forever celebrated in the form of three bronze statues outside the MCG. Betty’s are not. And that begs the question: why not put #BettyInBronze?

Tonight on The Project, we’ll be speaking to journalist Angela Pippos, who is leading the charge to get #BettyInBronze.