The Name Brenton Is Incredibly Popular In Adelaide

There have been 3,325 Brentons born in South Australia since 1944.

According to data by the state Attorney-General’s Department, the name Brenton was in the top 100 baby names in South Australia between 1944 and 1988.

As stated in ABC news, the name peaked popularity in 1962, when 134 boys were named Brenton. And since 1944, there have been 3,325 South Australian babies named Brenton. However, in 2017, there was not even one Brenton born in the state.

The name seems unusually popular in Adelaide, compared with other states. In New South Wales, during Brenton’s peak popularity in 1984 and 1985, there were a total of 193 Brenton’s born. However, this was a rare exception.

In Victoria during the 80s, the name Brenton was the 72nd most popular name.

It is believed that the name Brenton was made popular by the paddleboat TV drama All the Rivers Run, which starred John Waters as Captain Brenton.

The series premiered in Australia in 1983, which might explain the sudden jump in the name’s popularity during this time.

Speaking with the ABC, John Waters said, after filming the series many mothers would introduce their sons to him and say, “This is Brenton, he is named after your performance in All the Rivers Run.”

John will be going on tour next month in a John Lennon tribute show, so we might soon see a sudden jump in the name John.

Despite the TV show contributing to the rise in popularity of Brenton in Adelaide, there may also be another explanation.

According to Valerie Brenton, a member of the British Guild of One-Name studies, Brenton is a Cornish name, and large groups of Cornish people emigrated to South Australia in the 1840s. The name is associated with the old English word “byrne,” which mean fire or flame.

So while the name Brenton has slowly died down in popularity, maybe shedding some light on it might bring it back into fashion.