Meet The Incredible Woman Who’s Been Playing Tennis For 70 Years

Margaret Fisher is 88 and has three loves in the world- tennis, tennis, and tennis

Margaret Fisher is 88-years-young, and is making waves in the tennis world.

Andrew, the Director of Byron Bay Tennis said, “I first met Margaret about 5 years ago… And she was basically knocking at the door first thing in the morning and asking to get the tennis balls… [She] told me she played at Wimbledon and I was amazed at how much energy she had.”

Margaret’s been playing tennis for more than 70 years, though these days her opponents are usually half her age.

Jack Cox, Margaret’s tennis coach, said, “She’s almost fitter than I am. I’m 25 and she’s 88 and she’s nearly out there as much as I am. She’s here nearly every morning, whether it’s hitting balls with her dog, practicing serves using the machine or hitting with some friends…”

Margaret was just a kid when she picked up her first racket in the 1940s. She learned to play tennis during the war years, and by 1953 she had saved up just enough money to sail to England to play at Wimbledon.

But after having kids, Margaret took a break from competition tennis, until 8 years ago when she brushed the dust off her racket at age 80. And since returning to tennis, she has won more than a dozen medals, both in Australia and overseas.

Margaret says her coach is currently trying to get her to improve her top-spin, forehand, and backhand, and she loves every second of it.

She says she’s fitter and healthier today than she was thirty years ago, and now she has her eyes on the gold at the Wold Seniors Tennis championships in Croatia. You can do it Margaret!