Charlie Sheen Tells Waleed He Wasn't Really Winning

Sheen will be touring Australia later this year

What you need to know
  • Sheen reveals the origin of his catchphrase 'winning'
  • Sheen discusses why he made his HIV diagnosis public
  • Sheen's upcoming tour of Australia will include comedy, storytelling and audience interaction

He’s been one of the biggest names in Hollywood. After his breakout roll in Platoon, he starred in movies including Wall Street and Hot Shot. He then became the highest paid actor on TV for his role as Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men, earning about $1.8 million US an episode.

Then it all fell apart. He was arrested on allegations of domestic violence and after falling out with the show’s creator, Warner Brothers terminated his contract in 2011, leading to a public meltdown. Of course, all of this was occurring while Sheen insisted he was ‘winning’.

Tonight, Sheen sits down one-on-one with Waleed to reveal what led to his extraordinary fall from grace, as well as the extortion and blackmail that he alleges went on behind the scenes. He also reveals the origin of his then catchphrase ‘winning’ and admits that, upon reflection, perhaps he wasn’t actually winning at the time.

In a brutally honest interview, Sheen discusses life living with HIV and why he made his diagnosis public. He also reflects on the trials and tribulations of fame, and how the spotlight on him has intensified over the course of his career, particularly in the age of social media where celebrities have less and less privacy.

Sheen will be touring Australia later this year. Although he admits that his US tour was “radically ill-advised”, he’s excited about his Australian shows, which will be part comedy, part storytelling, with audience interaction and revelations about a Hollywood career that has spanned decades.

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