Trump’s Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer On The Project

A year after being fired by Trump, Sean Spicer still speaks highly of his former boss.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer's new book reflecting on his time at the podium paints a rosy if occasionally-thorny picture of his former boss.

In it he describes US President Donald Trump as "a unicorn, riding a unicorn over a rainbow" and a man to whom the regular rules of politics do not apply.

As press secretary, Spicer was required to communicate to the public the message and policy direction of a President famous for spontaneous and erratic decision making.

Spicer notes that, during the campaign, Trump "would cross the line, jump over the line, and dance merrily back and forth over the line. But he never paid the price any other candidate would have paid."

In his new book, the one-time Republican Party spokesman and strategist is also highly critical of what he describes as the press's "herd" mentality and its focus on palace intrigue over policy.

Spicer’s time at the White House was characterised by an often-combative relationship with the media.

As one of the most public faces of the Trump administration his tense interactions with the press became popular fuel for satire, most notably when he was parodied by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live.

Throughout his book, Spicer comes across as in awe of Trump, a man he describes as "calculating and mercurial, charismatic but erratic" and "capable of defeating anyone, including himself."

"I don't think we will ever again see a candidate like Donald Trump.”

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