Is Unlimited Leave A Win-Win For Bosses And Employees?

Unlimited leave may seem too good to be true, but more and more businesses are making it a reality.

While everyone dreams of unlimited holidays, an Australian business is making it a reality.

Melbourne-based business Inventium offers its employees the chance to take extra days off in addition to all other forms of leave.

Labelled “rebalance days” they were implemented as a chance for staff to address their work-life balance.

Similar plans have been embraced by companies like Netflix, Virgin Management and LinkedIn, with supporters claiming unlimited leave boosts morale and helps secure stronger candidates.

Inventium chief executive officer Amantha Imber said that their two-year trial had been a success in terms of both morale and the bottom line.

Dr Imber said since its introduction average sick days taken had almost halved while work life balance had dramatically improved.

After two years average annual leave taken was 27 days.

Past criticism of unlimited leave has focused on the damage wider implementation could do to the economy, and the potential for employees to take less leave out of fear of being seen to be exploiting the system.

“I wanted to be careful to avoid the trap of the amount of leave being taken decreasing rather than increasing,” she said.

“There still needs to be a minimum amount of leave to take, and it needs to be modelled from the top. I think that if I still took the bare minimum in leave, it wouldn’t be seen as acceptable for others to take more.”

“I made it clear that it was not to replace other kinds of leave that have specific purposes, such as Parental Leave, Sick Leave, Carer’s Leave and so on.”