Things Get Saucy As Al Dente Albo Cooks Up A Kiss On National TV

Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese joined the Studio 10 team as a guest host on Friday, and things got a little ... saucy.

Calling on his Italian cultural heritage, Albanese took part in a pasta cooking segment with Merrick Watts and Denise 'Ding Dong' Drysdale.

The trio moved around the Studio 10 kitchen, making the pasta from scratch and preparing the sauce. After all the hard work, Sarah and Joe joined in and it was time to taste the dish.

Time to taste the pasta. Photo: Studio 10.

Ding Dong quickly picked up a single piece of spaghetti and instructed Albo to put one end in his mouth. She took the other.

Mirroring the famous scene from Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp', the pair nibbled away at the pasta centimetre by centimetre -- edging closer to each other's lips.

Image: Studio 10
Image: Studio 10

Shorter and shorter the pasta became until there was barely a mouthful between them.

Image: Studio 10
Image: Studio 10

Before anyone could stop him, Albo leaned in and kissed Ding Dong on the lips. He then quickly hugged Drysdale in her shock at being kissed by the Labor Leader live on national television.

Image: Studio 10

The other hosts were also shocked. Sarah reminded Albo that Ding Dong is single and suggested she'd be a "good first lady". Merrick Watts laughed uncomfortably and Joe Hildebrand was so shocked he didn't say anything at all.

But it was Albo who got the last laugh.

"The pasta tastes pretty good," he said to Ding Dong.

"It's not too bad, is it? Want to go again?" she queried.

"Maybe off air," Albo replied.

Ding Dong didn't seem too thrilled by Albo's suggestion. Image: Studio 10.

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Taking the 'saucy' moment in his stride, it seems we can add 'morning show romantic' to the resume of Anthony Albanese.

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