Emma Freedman On The Rules She Follows When Dressing For The Races

The Lexus Ambassador told us all about what we can expect from her outfits for Derby Day and Cup Day.

And while Emma Freedman doesn't consider herself a 'fashion expert', she's been frequenting the Melbourne Cup Carnival for years and has picked up some excellent tips along the way.

The radio and television presenter told 10 daily she has two completely different looks planned for Derby Day and Cup Day.

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"For Derby I’ve planned something pretty classic -- a bit of a throwback to the very demure times of the 40s and 50s. Cup Day I’ve gone the complete opposite with a big splash of colour -- it’s pretty out there," she said.

Here are the rules the 31-year-old follows when she's dressing for spring racing:

Start looking early

When it comes to planning an outfit, Emma advises to start looking a couple of months ahead, despite her baby boy -- who she welcomed back in April -- making it difficult for her to do so this year.

"I have a bit on with work and a new baby so to be honest, I probably haven’t given outfit planning too much of a thought this year," she said.

Create an outfit around one central piece

Emma said she often finds a dress or a hat style that she likes and then creates an outfit around that.

"I love hats for the Melbourne Cup Carnival so prefer to lean that way rather than headbands," Emma told 10 daily.

Keep it classic

When it comes to selecting what to wear, Emma said it's wise to always keep it classic and add a modern spin with a bit of personality.

"I’m not a fan of strapless dresses track-side or glitter or short hemlines. Keep it classy and always wear some kind of headpiece," she suggested.

Emma added that she works with a couple of brilliant milliners and they collaborate with her on what might work well with an outfit.

"As mentioned I really love hats for the big race days and will again wear hats for both Derby and Cup," Emma said.

Add low-key jewellery

Emma selects what jewellery she will wear after picking out her dress and headwear, often opting to keep it simple with accessories.

"Usually I just wear earrings and a watch, classic items I have at home," she told 10 daily.

Book hair and makeup that is flexible

With a baby to look after, scheduling her day around looking after her baby William is important for Emma and luckily for her, she has a hair and makeup expert in the family: "My sister!"

"She’s a hair and makeup artist and is very very good. Plus she’s pretty flexible because I imagine on those mornings I will have a baby climbing on me while she blow drys my hair!" Emma laughed.

And when Emma is finally ready and out the door, she has some tips for lasting the duration of the day at the races.

"I usually don’t have a Champagne until a lot later in the day, after I have finished work -- that usually holds me in good stead," she joked.

"But also wearing manageable shoes and an outfit you can comfortably sit in helps too."

Network 10 is the official broadcaster of the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

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