Woman’s $1.50 Kmart Hack To Create The Perfect Fascinator

Get ready to get your craft on.

Finding the perfect outfit for the races can send you flat out broke. Think about it -- the perfect dress needs to go with perfect shoes, which need to go with the perfect handbag, which all needs to be offset by the perfect fascinator.

But one thrifty mum has short-circuited the system by creating her own fascinator for under $5.

Taking to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page, Tameeka Robertson, shared her hack which her mother helped her create

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Tameeka Robertson showcasing her homemade design. Source: Facebook

In the post, Robertson showed off her ingenious creation explaining that it has been created using a “plain white placemat” with “lace from Spotlight glued on”.

According to the Kmart website you can purchase the placemat (which also comes in black) for $1.50.

Roberston went on to tell 10 daily that the idea came about because "every year my mum and I would go shopping for fascinators and couldn't believe the price they were".

"My mum, Anna Woolfe, is very creative and said that she would make one for me, and off she went and that's what she created".

Robertson shared this full body shot with the group to showcase how well her outfit matched. Source: Facebook

Robertson explained that her mother also used “a teardrop base from an old fascinator” to help secure the curve of the placemat which she then “bobby pinned to the base of my hair”.

The mother-of-two told 10 daily that she ended up getting "lots of compliments" when she wore the fascinator at Derby Day.

Members of the group also praised Robertson for her ingenious idea, telling her how “wonderful” she looked, with many admitting she had inspired them to “get their craft on”.

Robertson told 10 daily this isn't the first time she's gotten crafty with placemats, showcasing last year's creation which also utilised $2 Kmart numbers.

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Robertson showcasing last year's look. Source: Tameeka Robertson

Several other members showcased their placemat fascinator attempts -- with each creation garnering praise.

"That's probably the same material milliners who charge hundreds of dollars use!," wrote one user. "Looks great!".

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